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The Master of Wolves

The world is what it is. It is a den, a pool, a jungle – of whatever you want to gather around yourself in your enclosure. You make part, you take distance or you take the role of master or slave, chief or subject, head or tale. When we react on something occurring in the field of experience we always do so as head or tail, master or slave. Our reaction to occurrences in the world is often stimulated by the wish and desires of assuming mastery of a situation, and this is only natural and good. Still, true mastery comes with experience and the necessary skills to dominate a situation with finesse, understanding and elegance and this is as true for a master of war as it is for a master of wisdom.

But no matter our experience and skill, we all seek to dominate our own life, no matter our lack of excellence in domination, because deep down we all know that mastery is not about domination but about knowing your soul and deepest impulses to such level that you can manoeuvre your life with dignity. When we take mastery of our life we are like the Captain of a ship that get’s his soul to ports of safety and repose. In this lies acceptance and understanding, a certain humility impregnated upon the soul that grows wiser by understanding.

To become the Master of your life, means that you need to assume the responsibility of being the author of your own fortune and misfortune. You’re mastery is counted by the measured steps you take in this world, and how you deal with your own missteps and good steps. We are all eternal apprentices in the compass of life, but some of us learn from experience and see experience as a blessing that corrects and makes sharper our finesse. Success and failure are the two hands that mediates the arrows of the compass – and a true Master will always know this and he or she will never succumb to self glorification or self denigration (unless in sombre moments of reflection where digestion of what passed is taking place), rather, everything is challenge and situation in order to become more in tune with essence and Self. No Master is ever ready, but is always ready for a new challenge. Every new challenge brings to the Master a sense of glorification and falsification. Life itself is a corrective device.
And this internal great work is what we all do, no matter our station and position, if we are master of serf, we all should do it, because the wolves and hyenas of the world is always roaming around with great appetite for anything but Mastery.

I believe the world is infused with three potencies, those who seek Mastery, those who seek Slavery and the Hyenas of the world that just want to consume everything and in this a tangled web often occurs, because at the end of the day the Spider is the one who takes down us all... I will leave you to ponder about that one, as I stretch up the canvas of the world. We think that everything is available for us; the spirit of democracy taught us that we can be whatever we want. But if you don’t have the skill, or experience, of being what you want perhaps your desires are deceiving you? 

The world, your life, your community takes on shapes where a thousand lights can shine forth harmony or destruction, in a spirit of competition, union or understanding.  We think it is about taking domain or to submit, but the world is not that easy. Beneath the power play we find recognition and that field of grey we at times gaze at in awe when we see the rainbow.

Still we all want to find our place, no matter it be in our solace in the woods or in the meagre square meters in a city apartment. From where we make our home, our nest we also lay down how we want our world to be. An organization takes place, where we need to adjust our engine of will and desire so it can move around in the world. We submit to laws and we submit to complaints and to endorsements. These are moments of free space and clear air beneath restraint where we can actually touch one another. The absence of direction and will turns the compass into points of meeting. These moments are so many and can happen anywhere, if we just let them happen, but too often we are occupied with keeping the wolves at bay. But wolves are wolves and honestly, throw them a bone or corpse and they are satisfied, as long as your muscles are at peace. 

When we find peace, many of us get agitated and search the contrast that can affirm the peace and generate turmoil just to see how peaceful our peace is. We make part of a great global organization that is moved by a dance of polarities, denial and acceptance. It is a waltz of intense restriction where we in determination mark the canvas with our dirty steps, because any mark is better than no mark. It is an organization rooted in threat and fear that inhibits freedom, where our sparks of rebellion speaks a language of awareness so many of us forgets, because these moments are too short to keep. It is in this field we seek Mastery of Self and the freedom to support it as we recognize and dismiss what we meet and what meets us.      

 Outside this organization, that takes place in flickering moments of awareness where souls and roles are recognized, a greater canvass is found. This greater canvass is a wild field of possibilities that we bend to our will and desires as we kill and slaughter our more noble impulses in favour of lust, greed and emptiness.

The lust, greed and emptiness is always conditioned to our early experiences in life, not when we open the eyes to daylight but when we open our heart to those who can break us or make us, and yes we do need four eyes to gain Mastery of Self,  the eye of the Moon , the eye of Sun and the hidden eye that is swamped in intuition can we truly see.

But the world moves faster and faster as our connections with one another gets shorter and shorter, it is like we are living each day in the longest shadow of the Sun and every blackening of the Moon give us despair and uncertainties. It is great; it is the fuel of the human journey, the very coals of the human experience. But what many of us see is just the changing conditions, brought on by a word, a situation, an event. Well, we are saturated. So, certainly it is a great achievement to gain mastery of Self in such changing conditions. But what is mastery about?

Mastery is about your failures. It is about having seeing your grim shadows in the mirror of gory twirling monsters that forces you to let down your guard and dress up for the occasion. Dress up well, because every shadow that bursts out from the mirror is an invitation to Self. So, get ready for Self, the moment when the mirror speaks back and tells you to get rid of that skin that covers you, because the mirror knows that your skin, your appearance, is your last defence and resort. The mirror knows that you are lying to yourself and this might be fine in a world of underachievers, overachievers and people ridden hard by the spirit of ambition, but it is still a lie and the wolves of the world do see your lie and your theatre and it is never pretty.

 Because the wolves see and understand what you are by the way you move your muscles. What you believe yourself to be is revealed in your actions and actions come from attitude. So, take away your appearance, burn your clothes and house, stay there naked, skinless and bleed.  Who are you in this moment? I mean Suffering is the guide of Mastery, but so is Victory. And they have nakedness in common. Two hands to carry in one hand a gallon of vinegar and in the other a gallon of honey. That is a great life, the victories and defeats, the sadness and exaltation at the crossroad that strikes up and down as much as to each four corners of the world and create your very own still and sacred point of beautiful being that reaches out into the world and touches it with what it has to offer, it be bitter or sweet....   

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