The Celestial Essence

Psychology concerns itself with the study of the discrepancy between the objective reality and our subjective perception upon it. This means that psychology can be understood to be a referral to two distinct and different domains of human philosophy. We have a real psychology which concerns itself with the Platonic realism and the supranatural and metaphysical laws for being and potential. Then we have a psychology dealing with the substantial and material. Here the field of psychology occupies itself with the psyches reaction upon the sensual stimuli in the world and how we act upon the world.

Since our focus is so much on the material world it is difficult for modern man to envision the disembodied soul and it is almost by proxy we assume the corporeality as a necessity for the soul. This leads further to the importance of personal identity that is a construct molded in the world of manifestation. Our immutable and eternal essence as it descends into the world of manifestation rushes from the halls of ideas veiled in stardust is touched by many suns and angels on its journey manifesting a divine possibility.

We awake to the sensual world and the soul attaches itself to the world of matter through the sensual perception of the world. In this way a particular substance is generated that present itself as your selfhood, who you are: but in truth this is merely an image and a reflection of the limitless possibility in our essential divine origin we manifest on earth.

Life in the world of matter presents itself in a didactic and binary fashion for us and the appearance is often taken to be truth perfected. The substantial self act and react upon the impulses in the world of matter, the essential self is the celestial axis of being and herein is found our true self or perfected self. Our substantial self engage itself immediately upon becoming manifest with generating a personality, an identity. Our identity is a tool for orienting us around in the world and as such we can by this identification of who we are be agile or vulgar in our treatment of the world and reap blessings or complications.

Another consequence of realizing that our personality being an effective construct, a temporary manifestation of our essential and eternal self is concerning the way we bond with other manifestations in the world, it be plant, beast or man. Realizing that we are not our identity, but rather that this is an efficient mask and image useful for effective traversing the world of matter a friendliness towards change easily occurs and antagonism towards our person will not run very deep. The realization that our home is in the ideal spheres, the celestial abodes of the Perfect Mind will generate a joy of being, a fascination with the sensual world where we can experience the divine and God everywhere and thus realize the great discrepancy between our essential self and our substantial self. We will realize that our true and beautiful essence and our practical and pragmatic manifestation of a set of traits we act upon the world with can aid us to grasp our happy fate and become masters of our destiny.