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To Bind or Not to Bind

“amen dico vobis quaecumque alligaveritis super terram erunt ligata et in caelo et quaecumque solveritis super terram erunt soluta et in caelo.”
Matthew 18:18
The Good Book uses the Latin “ligare” when it speaks of bonds in Matthew 18:18. The same as we find in the word religion or re-ligare, to reunite a bond. To reunite something would indicate that the bond is something that once was in existence and re-ligare can not refer to anything else than a rekindling of what once was and not a new relationship that has ever been. When our ancestors in spirit, such as Giordano Bruno speaks of ligare in terms of manifestation across the golden chain of being he discusses the idea of vinculum. Vinculum also means bond, but in a slightly different way than ligare. A vinculum refers to the limits of a specific passage or grouping. A vinculum is a specific avenue that binds what is desired by using the theory of correspondence.  Ligare is the general bonding, while vinculum refers to the specific route and goal for the binding.
When Our Lord spoke to his followers who had been vested with certain powers he repeated the gift of bonding twice in the Gospel of Matthew, both in the 16 and 18th Chapter. In the 18th Chapter we read in the KJV the following translation: “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”.
The greatest bonding agent is Eros and Love, here we find the cosmic amalgam, the blood of divinity itself. Eros unveils himself in sympathy and attraction, antipathy and repulsion. A binding must consequently follow the celestial rules of attraction where a specific grouping of objects and states with a specific celestial commonality are utilized to obtain our end. To bind a spiritual influence to a talisman, to bind or wish in the knots of the ladder or to bind a spirit to work by contract are some forms where specific vinculums are used to accomplish and fulfill our wish. The vinculum is possible because we are all already connected or bound to God through our “ligare”. Divinity is our ligament so to speak that makes possible to reconnect with source. This reconnection with source is important for the effectiveness of the vinculums we forge on earth.
One binding is however complicated, and this is to bind someone’s love, binding spells as they are popularly called. This is complicated because the very ligament of divinity in the person who is targeted is bound to carnal and material desires – and quite often obsessions. The demonic shows itself it obsessions and compulsive emotions and as such it is often a Demonic impulse that motivates people to either do or ask to have done a binding spell so they can own and possess the life, heart and body of another human being. This is quite simply a form of ruthless selfishness, a rotten form of hubris that makes the person who asks such work to be done blind for its own shortcomings and desire to force powers that repel each other to stick together no matter what the natural vinculum tells.
The one driven by higher impulses, celestial ones will work on a higher level, with fumes and words, poetry and harmony and seek to make oneself manifesting superior qualities and odors rather than drag all into matter and force an unnatural bond to take place upon earth. What takes place in such instances is like shaking water and oil together. It will stay together for some time, but slowly it will drift apart. It is an unnatural liaison that is subject for a temporarily bonding. And such is love amongst humans, some bonds of love between men are meant to last for minutes, others for days, yet others for years and some few for incarnations upon incarnations because the two are completed in sharing of oneness.

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