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Inúkògún – He who is Crooked inside

At times life runs towards a crossroad where decision has to be made and upon making the wrong decision the devil is to be blamed – and the devil transforms into the idea of enemies both singular and plural. The ‘logical’ conclusion is that we are under attack and magic is the solution. But this logic quite often belongs to material society and the equally modern mechanisms of psychology. At times people are truly under the shadows of something malefic, but these cases are rare – more common are the cases of self hexing. These are typically noticeable by restlessness, anger and paranoia. These powers motivate the afflicted person to search for a magical fix, not realizing that a magical fix applied to situations like this is like cutting a tree with a hammer – it tends to lack precision as the root of the condition is not addressed, but rather a cluster of effects. The typical self hexer is spoken of in the Odù Ifá, in the omodu ìkáwòrì where Ifá speaks of a person called Inúkògún, whose name translates into “he who is crooked inside” as a contrast to the straightness of a pole of iron in reference to Ògún. This Ifá verse tells that Inúkògún is “the self-injurer, one who acts against himself”. He acts against himself by plotting injuries and malefic against others and the verse says about this that “One who throws ashes is followed by those ashes”. This condition is typical for many people searching magical help, especially where the presences of enemies are found. Enmity is always caused by an antagonism between two parties that is disproportional and is experienced to be in ontological conflict. But there is no ontological conflict, there are only wrong measures. Another ifá verse, Ejì Ogbè, tells how the distance from the fingertips to the elbows are different than from the shoulders to the feet, an admonition to think clearly before we act, and admonition to not “grasp our good fortune in a hurry”. Rather this ifá verse tells us that we should move ourselves around in the world “with dignity and measured movement”. So, if there is no enemies, only misjudgments in ones perception of measurements any act of malefic stemming from the person itself is indeed like throwing ashes against the wind and colour yourself in your own fear and paranoia. So, don’t hex yourself, but bless yourself, so you can bring dignity to your life by measured movements. Ase O!

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Quimbanda Workshop (Umbanda & Quimbanda) 2022

The Cabula/Temple Meia-Noite da Encruzilhada will arrange for its yearly workshop of Quimbanda from 7 th of September to the 11 th of September 2022 . The workshop will this year also cover Umbanda , hence we will make a workshop under the greater umbrella of ‘ macumba ’. The workshop will be held in Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais on a Farm located in the midst of the forest, 100 km from the airport Guarulhos in São Paulo. In this workshop we will offer traditional Umbanda baptism and we will offer the first initiatic step in the ladder of Quimbanda , what is often called vinculação , a ceremony working on the same level as a baptism that aims towards establishing a true and strong bond with your Exu and Pomba Gira. These initiatic steps will be followed by a full Gira (drumming) where also the spirits of Umbanda will be celebrated as we move from these spirits of forest and wisdom towards Exu and Pomba Gira during the celebration. These important parts are mediated by se

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Quimbanda is a cult centred on the direct and head on interaction with spirit, hence developing mediumistic skills and capability in spirit trafficking is integral and vital to working Quimbanda. Possession is a phenomenon that intrigues and also scares. After all we have all seen movies like The Exorcist and other horror thrillers giving visual spectacles to how hostile spirits can take over the human body, mind and soul in intrusive and fatal ways. But possessions do find a counterpart in the shamanic rapture as much as in the prophet whose soul is filled with angelic light that makes him or her prophetic. Possession is not only about the full given over of your material vessel to a spirit that in turn uses the faculties of the medium to engage various forms of work. Inspiration, dream and to be ‘under the influence’ are potentially valid and worthy avenues for connecting with spirit. Yet another avenue for good spirit trafficking is the communion, or what Jake Stratton-Kent ca


Greetings; We are here presenting the first of a series of new services and products, for more information, just click the link embedded in the headers... Thank you for having made possible ten years of Sacred Alchemy Store!  Sweetening work We are now offering works for sweetening people. The motivation for doing this can be varied, ranging from creating a docile and harmonious field between you and someone you seek to know better. It can be done in order to calm down someone who is in turmoil and distress as it can be done for making some person holding your Fate in their hand to become more kindly disposed towards you. We perform these sweetening works either through the intervention of Pomba Gira or more commonly we resort to the technology of Umbanda and work within the wonderful realm of caboclas in the realm or Oxum. The working is not a one time working, but a sequence of smaller workings over the course of a week that leads to the construction of what we can call the ‘sw