The Warden at the Gates of Chance

“O God, who hast given unto Thy blessed Apostle Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven, and the power to bind and loose: grant that we may be delivered, through the help of this intercession, from the slavery of all our sins: Who livest and reignest world without end. Amen.”

When the ashes of Lent are announced and the forty days of passion commences, the tide of Holy St. Peter is set in motion. The divine gaze is covered with violet cloth and all grace is hidden – as is the acts and actions of man. These forty days represent the days the anointed one spent in the desert, where he was tempted forsake his destined station. The forty days in the wilderness is the days of ashes and dust, a proverbial tide of gloom and adversity where man is left to face his own trials and tribulations and polish his own mirror and see how it reflects the divine on the day of resurrection. Lent start a period that culminates with Holy Friday, the day of the Lord’s death, where for one night the divine potency is taken by the host of night and held until the cock’s crow with the rising of the sun on the day of Saturn. The inverted cross, which is a symbol of humility, turns gradually from its upright position on the Wednesday of ashes and until the Holy Friday where it becomes a symbol of the need for turning the poles, the needed misrule for a night of promise and return.

Holy St. Peter with his boat on the unruly ocean of passion holds the book of wisdom and the keys to both kingdoms. He knows the mysteries of the world of animals and beasts, where the celestial is turned up-side down - and he knows the heavenly Jerusalem. Holy St. Peter is at the crossroad of the worlds and he binds and he lose, the blessing and the curse both streams from his book and key – the tool of prophecy.

Holy St. Peter meets you at the crossroad, he stands at the gates of chance in wilderness and every domain, worldly and lofty and he always presents options, never he make the choice. Herein rests the secrets of the keys and may you bind or lose your fate by the intercession of the warden at the gates of chance, with the garland or roses, so mote it be.

Holy St. Peter

Blessed Saint of the Crossroads

Oh venerated one who knows the past and the future

Who knows the Fate of men

I entreat thee and pray thee to guide me towards the fire in the wilderness

May you guide my heart at the gates of chance so I pull the lot of joy

And If I may choose the lot of scorn, may wisdom protect me from accusation

For the wheel of chance stops at the gates of blessing

As it stops at the gates of teaching

Oh, Holy St. Peter

I pray that with the help of your intercession to be free from slavery

As found in the world of matter and passion

Guide me through the wilderness

as I mark the roads of the sun with the hand of the moon

so I can grasp the golden key to the doors of glory

Holy St. Peter, pray for me!