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Contrasts in Concrete

A life lived in nature is ruled by different laws than what we find in the monuments of stone, concrete and steel of modern urban civilization. I believe the concrete makes it difficult to resonate with the natural law and consequently our dharma or destiny turns clouded and confused. Our actions or karma seems blocked and bewildered at all times. For a dweller in the countryside re-entering the city it is a meeting of a cacophonic world of noise and disturbance. The omens that help us understand speaks clearly through birds and beasts that walk the land as its extension and messengers. In the city all this is altered, the peace of pigeons has turned into gluttony and confusion and they can no longer speak as they should. Nature loses its language when it is forged into stone and order of modern civilization and its inhabitants engages in dysfunctional interaction that was imposed by modern lifeless culture.

The hunt for spirit and connection hides itself in ambition so the longing can be distracted by immediate goals or indulging into any form of pleasures as this drives modern man towards a simulacrum of ecstasy, a pale ape of contentment and happiness. The feeling of being lost is real and a hunt for meaning is often begun and ended – a natural consequence of living in a world where the contrasts are all shades of concrete.

The new language that rises from the silence of fields, caves, forest and mountains is loud and self serving. The immediate gratification of passions and hungers flow over the asphalt and color it red and venomous, the tar blending in and makes it stale and sad. This new language speaks of separation, and it is only logical that a language rooted in shades of sameness see what defies it as something “other”. Nature turns into something crude and violent, alien and weird – it is savage and lacks modern sophistication. These are the lies modern man tell himself to be able to survive as the world turns in great speed into concrete, a solidification of all things invisible and a temporal. Modern civilization is like Saturn afflicted and here enters Falcifer, he who tries to bring truth by tempting man into glorifying matter. It is a subtle mystery, and difficult to master. Here lies the choice of turning lead into lifeless stone of into the eternal gold. It is difficult to look behind the veil, this curtain of steel is often to heavy to lift and Saturn with all his venoms and medicines provides an avenue for poisoning and healing alike.

The lands of concrete, the city turns into a cage. In this little secluded territory man fights for his status and his rights. This little structure of possibility, this modest piece of nature man has made tame and docile with stone and steel turns into the field of experience and aspiration. It is within the enclosures of the cage modern man finds his role and defines himself. It is from this the new language of separation and alienation grows forth and makes our journey on earth into a nightmare or a cabaret.

This is all born from a horizontal and material idealization, where the axis of the worlds are not seen as having their crown in the celestial, but here on earth, at the centre of the cage. This is truly a dislocation from the true spiritual centre and the journey towards the fresh waters of eternal wisdom tend to be a long walk into the solitary fields of nature where we again can regain our humanity at the grave of Adam where the waters of Jordan flows freely and gracefully, for our restoration and perfection…

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