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The Spirit of Absence

At times truly bizarre expressions of timeless truths manifest in a profane cacophony of infernal wayward theosophy that pretends to lead to some form of gnosis or knowledge. One such expression concerns itself with a ‘wiccan’ perspective on Lilith where she is seen as a Mother, equal to any other goddesses, which all are mothers. The generic ‘Mother’ is in need for some clarification. The metaphysical idea inherent in motherhood is clearly related to the womb. Mother will therefore in its fundamental premise which makes it possible be a reference to the possession of a womb. As such nature is the prime manifestation of the divine possibility. She is the womb of the world that makes life possible.

If we accept this as a satisfactory premise for someone to be referred to as a Mother we will also be challenged by the womb fertile and barren. It is here we can approximate Lilith by her essence being defined by absence. She is the holy dove unfolding in the ebb and flow of the Moon. She rides the waves of nightmilk as the Blood Queen of impregnating inspiration by virtue of absence. Because of this she is the terror of night, not silence, but the absence of sound, when feelings of isolation and loneliness cling to the throat. Because of this she is for many seen as the Mother of witches, and with witches we must understand the one who lives at the threshold of the worlds and embalms the world in poetry and charms. There is no room for ‘urban paganism’ in her mystery, she lives in the wild where the absence of sun and heat is poignant – and this is the bloodied road for the race set apart to affirm the divine design.

We can notice her manifestations not only in the sensation of terror but also where lust and violence join hands and we are driven over the edge of safety. There she is waiting at the port that knows no safety, but the hooks and chains that caress your flesh and drive you out in a state of tension and divine ecstasy where the body itself turns into the instrument of night. The body becomes absence manifest.

The metaphysical implications of the mystery Lilith represents are massive and necessary for the blood from the other side of the veil to flow into the world of men and women marked as her kin. Curiously she manifests through lust and the sensual drives and is as such a constant challenge for realizing the celestial image that unfolds in the shady kingdom of erotic, because here we also find death. Eros and Death is her horses, and her chariot is of the Moon – and herein lays mystery upon mystery veiled within moon’s milk and the nocturnal flesh…

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The ‘firmeza’ of Quimbanda

Quimbanda is a cult centred on the direct and head on interaction with spirit, hence developing mediumistic skills and capability in spirit trafficking is integral and vital to working Quimbanda. Possession is a phenomenon that intrigues and also scares. After all we have all seen movies like The Exorcist and other horror thrillers giving visual spectacles to how hostile spirits can take over the human body, mind and soul in intrusive and fatal ways. But possessions do find a counterpart in the shamanic rapture as much as in the prophet whose soul is filled with angelic light that makes him or her prophetic. Possession is not only about the full given over of your material vessel to a spirit that in turn uses the faculties of the medium to engage various forms of work. Inspiration, dream and to be ‘under the influence’ are potentially valid and worthy avenues for connecting with spirit. Yet another avenue for good spirit trafficking is the communion, or what Jake Stratton-Kent calls ‘…

A Quimbanda FAQ

In this article I will try to answer some questions concerning Quimbanda that surfaces with frequency. Questions concerning how to work this cult solitary and somehow dislocated from the cultural climate of understanding here in Brazil are frequently asked as are questions concerning the magical tools, such as guias, patuás and statues, available to the general public.
I want to be initiated in Quimbanda, how do I proceed with that? When we speak of initiation in the perspective of Quimbanda we are speaking of a true and intense merging with spirit that involves a pact/agreement, a spirit vessel (assentamento), ordeal and oath. There are elements used in this process that are common to every house/terreiro/cabula/lineage of Quimbanda that reveals a common origin. There are different varieties of Quimbanda in Brazil, and the expression of the common root, will always depend of the constellation of spirits we find in the tronco. In other words, a ‘Casa de Exu’ that is dominated by Exu Mor…

Shigidi; Radical Protection (New offering at Sacred Alchemy)

After a year offering Shigidi off store and having experienced great results and feedback from those installing this amazing force in their temple, home or workspace we have decided to offer this product permanently at Sacred Alchemy Store.
Please read below for details:
Shigidi; Radical Protection
Protection of one’s ambient, home and sphere is always important – and amongst the most powerful tools available is the Shigidi.
Shigidi is a supernatural force, a composite of powers that utilizes the ase of Esu at its most fierce and hot, hence turning this into a power of aggressive guardianship drawing in the essence of large felines, predatory birds and your own warrior ancestors bound in the ase of Esu for the sake of radical protection. Shigidi represents a similar mystery as found in the Congos, commonly known as Nkisi Nkondi, which is a variation of the Yoruba Shigidi, similar in the protective and restraining powers it holds.
Since Shigidi is ultimately resorting to the use of your ow…