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The Litany of St. Michael, Heavenly Physician

St. Michael, the Archangel is in Al Quran said to be covered with hair-like tongues all over his body who pleads for the mercy of Allah on behalf of sinners. He is Palo Mayombe Kimbisa equated with Zarabanda, the mpungo who forges spirit from the world of matter. He is in Haitian Vodou intimately linked with Ogou Badagri and St. George while in Kimbanda he is the divine support of Exu Rei.

St. Michael is the patron of the Church and of Knighthood and presides over the rites of exorcism/purification. This role gives him a unique knowledge and dominion of the infernal realms and dimensions of creation. He is the angel who guards the crossroad where night meets day. He is balance and manifest as the Sun wakes up in the sign of Libra. He is the ever victorious knight saving the Virgin from the forces of corruption.  

He is the patron of Moses and Solomon and Lord of thunder and lightening. He is the voice of inspiration and prophecy. He is the celestial rebellion that secures the dew of salvation. He is Dragon and Savior – he is all this and more as the triune doctor of the Angels. He is the sun flower and the bay laurel as much as he is the vertebrae of the Dragon it self. For how can he know what he is not? 

He carries the message of be aware how you judge others, for he is the judgment that returns upon you. Be kind and be understanding, be generous with those struck with misfortune - and his scales will find you ever heavy in the embrace of Mercy.

Michaelmass (29th of September) is the day when a feast was prepared to honor ones word and clear away debts. It was opportune to use this day to settle scores and literally purge ones soul from hatred and resent.

You can make on this day a sweetbread of honey, nuts, sunflower-seeds and bay laurel. Invite your friends for uplifting conversations or share the bread with those who has been less blessed by Fortune than you have.

The Litany of St. Michael, Heavenly Physician

Oh, you heavenly physician
Whom God entrusted judgment and care of the soul
Oh, you heavenly physician
Who rescues the fair and tame the foul
Oh, you heavenly physician
You have gazed into the mirror of corruption
Oh, you heavenly physician
You hold the worlds together, free from eruption
Oh, you heavenly physician
You who knows the Dragon above and beneath
Oh, you heavenly physician
Ever victorious knight who knows no defeat
Unto you we place our soul
And pray you make it white as snow
Oh, you Heavenly Physician
Because we were born with a golden caul
Towards salvation we shall grow
Oh, you Heavenly Physician
Take this bread and wine
Our supplications and petitions divine
And forge our soul upon the true cross
Oh, you Heavenly Physician
Restore our soul to its divine estate
And free us from hubris, sloth and hate
Oh, you Heavenly Physician
Take these gifts and raise us as knights
In the Kingdom of Shadows
Within the heavenly furrows
We shall ever remain wise
Amen. Amen. Amen.

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