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Finding Self in Darkness

"We have in fact entered upon the final phase of this Kali Yuga, the darkest period of this dark age, the state of dissolution from which there is to be no emerging except through a cataclysm, since it is no longer a mere revival which is required, but a complete renovation."
– René Guénon

The Modern World is signified by great accomplishments, great wars, great advances in material science and the spirit of greatness seems to be the force that flows through the fabric of society and create ideas of greatness where no greatness is to be found. The spirit of greatness encoded in the political playground takes the shape of glorification of democracy. The glorification of the democratic model comes with subtle ideologies that in silent ways misinform shapes and condition the population into believing in greatness they may or may not have in the name of equality.

Today everyone is encouraged to follow whatever star they fancy to follow, if they have the skill, calling or condition to follow the star through because we are conditioned to believe that we can take dominion over everything we want to dominate. It is all about will and desire triumphing on the corpses of Fate and Truth as it gives the illusion of greatness to the mediocre and impotent. It is a beautiful new world where the trolls command the saints, where ignorant and greedy political rulers seem insatiable in their thirst for blood and money. The Kali Yuga is the age of dissolution, where residues of past glories are turned into shit and hives of the illusions that rottenness shines with the glow of gold, just to keep the darkness at bay.

Many of us are lost and find meaning in the pure pursuit of ambition just to find that the goal is an empty well of anxiety – as rich you are – in material wealth or rich in illusions of grandeur - the more paranoid you will be. Yet others identify ambition as meaningless and withdraw from the world, where others pursue the world with a feverish desire of conquest. We dance on the web of Maya as drunken saints, mad prophets and naked Kings and Queens. Our dance is one of regaining sanity, clarity and domain.

We should consider if these advancements are – or are not - the degenerated residues of traditional sciences of truth, because after all we are left drunken, lost and naked when we pursue goals shaped from ambition, will and desire as the trinity that moves our personal power into a charade of greatness.

But how can we know if our ‘dark inspiration’ is true or not, how can we know who we are when our ambition drives us towards transgression for the sake of transgression? A transgression is about breaking constructs that restricts us from reaching our self, and this is good. In becoming lawless for the sake of truth is different from the lawlessness entering when we seek the greatness offered up to us by the rulers of the world, those that gives us ambition and equality on a silver plate. The warrior of power and domination often takes the role of a victim in a cosmic mystery play he or she is not aware of. At least I am not impressed by people making self empowered cults of grave robbery or enslaving souls because in this I see slavery to the darkness that has veiled the world in dissolution – and in this there is mystery upon mystery.

At times I find it revolting to see people using phrases like ‘self initiation to vodou sorcery’ and advocating people to go out and take the powers, but I do understand it. I find it revolting, because it is a falsification, vodou is not something you can ‘go out and take’, because it is conditioned by lineage, fire, water and spirit, you must be invited and inducted, there is no self initiation in vodou or vodou sorcery – any initiated houngan, mambo or bokono knows that – even if those outside saturated in the desire for greatness thinks otherwise.

And I understand this side as well, as anyone who worked an Ouija board or was present at a genuine spirits séance will know... but to be touched by spirit, to work with a spirit, to make pact with a spirit, to be adopted by spirit, to be a bridge of spirit, as in holding a socially accepted office, are very different things and some people in their blood thirst for spirit power – as a vehicle of infusing their own lack of personal power -  believes that their transgression in abusing mysteries to their own ends justify something worthy of acknowledgment and dignity while it is in reality foolish stupidity.

But I get it, black holes of mystery and lost souls dancing at the edges of volcanoes makes a contrast to those who seeks the road, track and path where we belong and on the track we meet everyone, the friend we don’t understand, the enemy we admire, the companion we disagree with and the fiend that helps us cross every single bridge... 
It is hard, because our age is one of revelation and falsification. Again, to quote Guénon:  

“The falsification of everything has been shown to be one of the characteristic features of our period, but falsification is not in itself subversion properly so-called, though contributing directly to the preparation for it. Perhaps the clearest indication of this is what may be called the falsification of language, taking the form of the misuse of certain words that have been diverted from their true meaning; misuse of this kind is to some extent imposed by constant suggestion on the part of everyone who exercises any kind of influence over the mentality of the public.” 

In an era dominated by greatness and falsification new challenges, ordeals and situations are surfacing as we set out on the quest of finding ourselves and our kin. Finding ourselves and our kin in a world that insist that your kin is who you choose by an act of determination and ambition brings just further complications as we lodges our anchors into whatever might seem nice, stable or appealing.

As Guénon pointed out, the falsification of language is of some grave importance here, the most obvious being the glorification of democracy as a political ideal, a political model that since the time of Plato was a form of political organization signalling the dissolution of everything that was good an true in a society. Democracy might appear smart and elegant in its way of counting voices to arrive to a conclusion, but there is always groupthink and mass seductions (like ideals of greatness and equality) – and naturally the political powers is prone to use the majority to defend their misuse of powers, as smokescreens, compliance or scapegoats.   

The falsification of language tells you that the putrid meat infested with nuclear radiation are good for you and that growth hormones in dairy products will make you stronger and healthier. In a world of lies, falsification and deception the occult world naturally follows suit, because the occult is the hidden mirror that reflects worlds upon worlds amongst seekers of self, truth and kinship.

No matter your depravity or sainthood, you are always conditioned. Society will always be a force present in shaping our perspectives and opinions and perspectives and opinions are a part of who we are, at least as social presentations. No matter how much of a recluse I am, the world is still surrounding me, as I sit on the outskirts and try to understand the puzzle. In this moment I make a part of the condition as much as the city dweller who tries to make sense of his or her urban chaos. Still, distance does give us perspective.   

We are all parts of this condition we find ourselves in, we are all tied in with people we hate and people we love as much as the bugs and plants that invites us or challenges us. This contrast is there at the root of all, but our world invites this other ordeal of greatness and falsification which is contrasted by Fate and Truth – and we are invited to make sense of this in an age where everything is falling apart in darkness – it is a time to get at ease with everything in a spirit of acceptance.

At least for me, it is about taking a step back, getting your shit in order and approach every perspective as just an angle within the full circle. Doing this you gain perspectives as you also find yourself and through this see your kin. It is about being relaxed, to allow the eyes to get accustomed to the darkness and to make yourself comfortable as you set out to pursue your destiny.

And destiny is what we all do even when we fight it. Destiny is about what you were supposed to be and if you refer to gods, genetics or conditioning in this matter, it is all true, because it is in this field we find the necessary realizations that points us towards what is good for us – not what makes us collectively great, but what brings us satisfaction and comfort. It is in this field Destiny rests. Fate is simply the hag forces that kick us around to realize this simple magic of contentment.  

We need to experience the world in full dregs; we need to know what we are not in order to know what we are. The seekers of truth define themselves by their encounters with falsification, illusory greatness and pathetic attempts of forcing power to bend to a will deluded by its own ideas of supremacy.

This world is a dance; it is a pastiche and a circus as much as it is an orgy of delight and a sombre vacation and it is here we make our choice as author or follower. We can be the author of our own Fate or the follower of degenerated social ideals imposed upon us in the name of greatness.

In the occult world we find the same complex stratagem as in the world, we find those empowered by the illusion of power and those who truly have power, those who have drowned themselves in illusions of greatness and those who know the greatness within. As in the world of ambitious achievers we recognize illusory power and real power, illusory greatness and true greatness in the world of occult pilgrims and masters. If anything the profane contrast is even more salient in the occult world in its capacity of being a hidden mirror reflecting the contemporary world and the eternal spheres at the same time as the secret pulse of the world is taken. For some it brings necessary contrast and for others it brings the comforting illusion that your greatness gives your shit the shine of gold...

Art: Felicien Rops

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