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The Ancestral Fractal

“You carry away with you a reflection of me, a part of me. I dreamed you; I wished for your existence. You will always be a part of my life. If I love you, it must be because we shared, at some moment, the same imaginings, the same madness, the same stage.” 
- Anaïs Nin

Before the bones there were the dream of bones and with the arrival of bones came the root of ancestry. According to the Vedanta the dream state is where the living soul (jivatma) is to itself its own light. As a self contained and self expressive light it produces mental imageries through desire alone. These mental images are directly related, if not dependent, on the subtle form of the individual that dreams forth these images. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad comments that because of the nature inhabited in this dreaming forth we also find accidental modalities of these imageries which lead to these self generated imageries being often fractals of a greater dream. It is in this field we find illusion and self deception as much as enlightenment and ascent which takes on different proportions in the limits of the material world we experience in our waken state. The state of dream can be said to be ideal and hold a wider field of possibilities that is restricted in the waken state, we are speaking of a harmony within a greater harmony, even thou some might feel that the waken state defies the dream state in the experience of material restriction. The experience of restriction can invite confusion, rebellion as much as it can invite the creation of imageries of desire, pertaining to the state of dream, upon the material world. When we do this we can impose our ideal desire upon the world and in doing this we can bring forth our destiny or we can confuse the planes.

Before we became known as human beings we were active mists of dreams. When we became human beings the dream mist turned into the search of the ideal and beautiful we would experience when we took Fate at her reins and made our track and mark upon this world. As we bring dreams into reality and experience the discrepancies of the two states in generating disruption into our lives we are in the totality of the human experience, the dream that became the bones that dreamed an even greater dream.

This is solely a fractal of the complex spiritual constitution that makes up the human being, and with fractal I mean this in the original Latin sense as something irregular, broken off from a greater image. This image is the mist of dream we feel connected to and yet alienated from, which leads to friendships, enmities, wars, feuds, ambition and acceptance as we try to find our way in the thicket of the world. In opposition we define ourselves as much as we define ourselves by adopting what attracts us – and then we have society. Social conditioning, the spirit of the age, is where we find the dream of earth producing boundaries and structures that are always in transition. A social structure is the dream of earth taking from on its way to dissolution that gives the sigh for another wave of dreams that brings new structures and new forms, always temporal, just like the transitory state of the human being.
Fractals of a divine dream coming to earth in search of finding those and what that gives the fractal an experience of completeness is a vision of mankind both beautiful and terrifying. It can also be a source for understanding and explanation of the many forms of self created spiritualities we find today, after all in dreams the living soul would produce any imageries of desire that would please it as it shard the mist of dreams with all other dreamers.

The conditions in the waken state, here on earth; can defy some of these images as being illusory and even false, because on earth the bones are doing the dreaming and not the dream. The circle has been squared and from this we find the establishment of doctrine that some seek to transform into dogma and others seek to claim for themselves.

When people lay down dogma we get religious and social institutions occupied with setting up rules and regulations in order to make the temporal become solid. But as much they seek to nail the dream of earth in a given age to a wooden cross – the dream will at some point turn to mist - and with the annihilation of the dream that refused to become fixed so will also power evaporate.

When we speak of those who seek to claim the dream for themselves in defying the consequences of the dream becoming material we find a complicated menagerie taking shape. With the dream of bones the bones came to be lodged within the earth as a support for our human condition. The bones are dreaming beneath our feet and drive us in the spirit of ancestry to seek kin and origin. The dream can be felt by anyone sensitive and aware and this can at times drive people to feel they have a call to something alien, exotic or even forbidden. Some travels out to search the misty arrow of the dream and find the bones of origin - and through this ancestry - while others have been chasing ghosts and not lovers veiled in dreamy clouds.

Some of us accept the ghost hunt, while others start yet again to dream forth the ideal so the boundaries of the waken state can be broken as they seek to attach their fractal to whatever they feel is right. Sometimes they force it to fit, other times they simply pretend the irregular misfit of the pieces even exists and start building their spiritual being on basis of a feeling an a remembrance of a dream once dreamt. In this field the pilgrim and self searcher recreates themselves from bits and pieces they feel attracted and drawn towards and recreate themselves as a pulse of desire that lost the dream as well as lost touch with the bones that would give foundation, namely ancestry.

Of course, we are all connected, but we are not all connected like family. Some of us are connected through shared affinities, a shared debauchery or a shared taste, family and kin is of a different order as it is the dream of the bones that made earth solid.

Ancestry is about having a forefather and a bloodline through woman; it is someone or something that came before you that you can define yourself in relation to, because you came from the same dream. This mystery opens for generations of alienation where one finds home as much as it makes any talk about race, creed and language ridiculous – but earth, in the shape of land, is always the ancestral origin of every human being.  This means that we need to understand where we came from and do the necessary work involved in understanding this complexity in terms of geography, time and belongingness. It means that when we come to a place outside our material genealogy where we feel the bones resonates with our soul we do need to commit to the dream that made these bones talk and your soul sing.

Tradition and family is ancestry, you rest on the bones that made you who you are, but you can also be adopted into additional sets of bones that will help carry you onward because the dream you had of this merging was true dreaming and not a projection of self generated desires for expanding the fractal and make the dream less shattered. It was a dream of origin and of shared dreams.

It is in this field some goes wrong and recreate themselves in the dream of others and create a mirage of what they really are. Any spirituality void of a sense of ancestry, commitment and root would as such be just a dream of the ideal caught in its slow evaporation of the temporal dream image that breaks into reality as you wake up.

If you want to take the reins of Fate and ride the tiger you will need to pursue diligently your origin and be honest about whom you are as you ride out in the eternal becoming, accepting the whims of desire as well as the conquest of the true dream. If you ride out as an illusion, you will reap deception and confusion, but if you ride out connected to root you will find truth and accomplishment as you and the bones of origin will dream the same dream of beauty and accomplishment.... 

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