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The Dual Sphere of Becoming One

Our experience of the world is one of benevolent and malevolent experience and we always use our self as the measure. When we use our self as a measure for what is good and bad we turn experience static and we embody dogma. Some say that this is only natural because some of us are left brained ruled and others right brains ruled. This is bogus; the corpus collosum is the bridge between that unites the divide and rescues us from seeing the world in black and white. Some says that it is because of the structure of the brain we have this dual experience, but I believe the brain is an expression of an empyrean and far older dichotomy and not the source of dualist experience.

The dualist experience enters into our life whenever we seek to separate the same from the other and here, in this fundamental grace of living so many of us takes a million wrong turns and makes separations and taxonomies between a private life and a sacred life, a mundane life and a secret life. The dualist experience should move us towards union and not separation, but alas this is what often happens and thus the truth of duality is born in spite of us being living examples of the opposite.

I mean; you go to your work and you apply your schema of whatever position you have at your work, you go home and utilizes the wife or husband schema as you use the friend or buddy schema in conformity with situations. It is easy to perceive this as fragments of a whole, but perhaps it is the whole that moves in effective ways and it is us that have problems seeing where the fragments belong in this unit we understand to be ourselves?

When we perceive something we always do this in a given moment, in a given angel and in a given time. The words said in this moment are not the same words said tomorrow, no matter if the mimic each other to the letter, because everything is dancing around in dances of degrees and positions, proximity and distance.

Proximity and distance seem to control our idea of sameness and otherness and in this we find comfort and unrest. The more alien a concept, being or idea is from where we are the more we tend to make a distance from the alien so we can better define the conditioned box that carries our name. We do like this activity of defining ourselves as different from the other... but it is all an illusion, because the more you fight it the more you will become it... and this might sound like a threat, but it is not. I believe that the more we strive towards our goals, our happy goals of fulfillment and satisfaction, the more we will be able to meet one another as long as we insist on our individual path towards joy and exaltation. If we do not meet, one of us is walking in the wrong direction...

For me at least, my best friends I either hated or loved at the first encounter – the illusion of dualism that is bound together by a single ray known as attraction – kind of ridiculous if you just bother to give it an afterthought. Let us just stop fighting it and approach with interest as we try to understand how our wealth as persons can enrich others and bring forth connections that inspire, unite, repel and teach something.

The experience of dualism is not about a black and white perception, it is erected as a challenging contrast that invites us towards union but too often we see the otherness and debunk it. Demonization and xenophobia is soon to follow as we widen the illusion of separation, while the reality of the spirit of the earth we are living on is a battlefield of contracts, pacts, unification's and separations is a constant dance of need that harbors no grudges.

We, we people, ensouled beings; spiritual beings in the flesh should get this idea better. A fight is something that moves us onward and not something that separates us in a gulf of grudges. Maybe my careless comment caused a negative reaction in you – and maybe you make positive changes because of this – but still hates me... the same is true if we turn the head of the long neck towards me.  A part of you is in me and I live in you. We share fear of each other as we share sordid symphonies of depraved lust that we deny for each other. At times we even lie about it – and this just makes the gulf into a canyon – and we believe the distance is too wide... but I can walk on clouds – and so can you.

Yeah, you live in me as we all live in one another – and dreams show us this as Morpheus bites our veins and ticks of red lights of warning and comfort – while we wake up and say, it was just a dream – making the canyon into a divide between continents. Because in dream we belong to one another and in dream we taste that fearful freedom we deny to the stranger we saw in dreams two nights ago but deny into our lives when he appears.

We are weird creatures, so often worshiping our isolation and misery in our useless work of definition. Even more so this separation is useless among witches, sorcerers, magicians, alchemists, gurus and what not involved in penetrating the veils of illusions and the fog of mystery to arrive at truth.  

My experience is that doing magic is fine, but it is only when you become magic you will realize that all the magic you have been doing was just a comfortable illusion, because magic needs bonds to work and bonds are made from relationships. The better we understand relationships, connections and bonds, the more we will understand what magic is about and we will see that we are at its center as we become a monad within a monad.

And this is the condition; worlds within a world of shared attraction – and attraction is simply a force, a pull, an energy that unites opposition, challenges and blessings in a motion that moves us all onward, sometimes in hatred, sometimes in friendship, but always onward in the hope that as time passes wisdom grows into understanding and acceptance where friend and foe can drink from the same chalice and yet shed blood by the beat of a fist as both are still laughing....

Art: Ernst Fuchs

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